20071124 Working on the CashKarp integrator, which is part of the RungeKutta family of integrators. I have unittest applying it to a KinematicsState. Error estimation is the critical point and still needs some work.
20071123 First attempts with poRTIco, a free HLA RTI. Maybe it is possible to create a HeadQuarter-HLA gateway opening the simulation world to FlyingGuns.
20070923 Blog about dynamics framework.
200707 Working on a framework for true physics. See projects/sandbox/dynamics
200701 Great honor: FG author Joerg was elected as a founding member for the NetBeans Dreamteam
200612 A new abstraction of the static 3D world makes some good progress.
20061005 Deployed version 0.3b3, tagged with FLYINGGUNS_0_3B3. (web hitcount: 37500)
20061005 Integration of the GenesisFX particle system. Created some clouds and used a combination of GenesisFX Smoke+Flames effect for damaged planes. Very easy, looks good!
200610 First kind of working samples of a new abstraction of the 3D world also covering all Java3D relates classes.
20050918 A new set of downloads is available.
20050913 We have a Wiki now.
20050217 publishes an article about FlyingGuns.
20040921 FlyingGuns is mentioned on
200409 New, sophisticated build system based on ANT checked into cvs.
200408 Works with the new open source release of Java3D.
200407 2nd price at the 2004 Java[tm] Technology Game Contest. See the award winning contest entry here!
200407 A 3D model of a Spad airplane was sponsored by the Battlefield 1918 team.
20040113 FlyingGuns is part of a SourceForge project now.
20031117 Gone public! Thanks to Marko Giertolla for providing a plane model!
200306 Presented FlyingGuns at JavaOne as Sun featured speaker. Please read my personal resume.
20030529 Radar, 3D sound and better enemies.
20030515 New smoke with fire, shooting AI and slightly more suitable terrain.
20030429 Introduced HeadQuarters 'property' subsystem. Used to model damage on the net. Now you can shoot down network enemies!
200303 Faster picking against terrain, provided normals to terrain for light, rubberband camera, time smoothing, tested some options for smoke, client side smoothing for the network stuff. Allows to attach camera to all vehicles with key [c], set back to players vehicle with [C] and toggle two camera positions with [v].
20030217 First version with basic multiplayer. No client side smoothing so far!!!
20030106 Supports several fullscreen modes with DirectX and OpenGL.
20030101 Improved flight model, performance, feeling. Simple HUD data.
20021228 More sound feedback, improved particles. Cleaner code.
20021227 New surrounding application, lots of cleanups concerning game creation and destroyal.
20021223 Changed alot. There are opponents around and you can shoot them with the [space] key. It is now based on the HARDCODE HeadQuarter framework and basically acts as an distributed environment.
20020816 Added 10000 trees and a rough collision with the ground.